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So, if we’re all about trying to simplify the golf swing, trying to make the golf swing as easy as possible for golfers to take out on the golf course with limited number of swing thoughts. There’s one major area I would like to focus on that’s connected to your balance and it's going to be this idea that as we setup to the golf ball, we’ve got this nice wide platforms. We start off with the feet at least shoulder width apart and then we start centered, so the body weight is 50-50 in the address position.

So, we’re going to start centered that’s the first thing I would like to consider. Then during the backswing you still stay centered. A lot of golfers at this position think that when they’re turning to the right they should violently sway over to right-hand side, they get too much bodyweight on the right leg; they come and drive forwards again. So, we don’t need to really move too far over this way, I would like you to start centered and at the top stay centered. So, you’re starting 50-50, turning back largely 50-50, maybe 60-40 right foot, left foot; but no more than that really, so we’re going to start centered, stay centered.

Then in the downswing we’re going to simply get left, which for the right handed golfer is getting on to their front leg for the left handed golfer, just reverse that. So, just start centered, stay centered, get left and I think for most golfers if they go out on the golf course or the practice ground with that feeling of staying super balanced in that swing, we decide they’re of start centered, stay centered, get left.
They should find that that balance becomes a lot simpler. We don’t want to get too bogged down in swing thoughts about exactly where it should be and which foot and which part of the body should be moving when; start centered, stay centered, get left. So, next time you go to the practice ground if you're feeling like you've got too many swing thoughts everything is getting a bit complicated in your head work on start centered, stay centered and get left for all of your full iron shots. Let’s try and keep this golf swing as simple as possible.