Video Series

Video Transcript

As most golfers who have played any golf on the golf course and are aware, whenever you’re aiming your golf shots towards the target, the aiming process can actually be the most important part of the whole shot. And clearly, golf is a target orientated sport. Whether our target is the driving range as I’ve got in front of me here, or a fairway, or the flag, or the whole, we actually have to make sure our alignment is important because if we take aim at something we don’t want to hit and then we hit a brilliant golf shot, we suddenly hit the thing we don’t want to hit in the first place. So whenever you’re hitting shots, you really need to focus on starting your routine from behind the ball, picking your spot out in front of you to give yourself the good aim. Now, that might not necessarily be the flag. We don’t always aim at the flag. If we’ve got a dogleg hole, we need to pick a different target that’s out on the fairway, we then take our time to set the club up and set the body up. And this is a quite important factor we’re now going to discuss in these next few videos, is making sure that the body is pointing in the right direction, the toes, the knees, the hips, the shoulders, all pointing in the right direction. There’s no point taking great care over the club face and then putting the feet in the wrong place because the body just simply is not going to allow the club to be swung in the right direction.

So on these next lot of series of videos, we’re going to look at the importance of the alignments with different clubs and with different parts of your body.