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Often watching the world's best players play on the golf course you notice that their balance is generally speaking superb, off the tee, off the fairway, off sloping lies, in and out of bunkers, their balance is fantastic and that's really the first key element that I like to impress on any golfer that's looking to improve their technique by watching the world's best players. He is not necessarily copying one particular goal swing, but looking at the elements of their golf swings and cherry picking. And the first thing to notice is good quality balance. Very rarely will you see a good player that isn’t balance through a majority of their golf shots. And really a good balance starts at the setup. We want to address the golf ball with our body weight 50-50, left right, 50-50 front back, everything is nicely set.

As we turn to the top of the back swing yes the body weight moves slightly towards the right side but we don't lose balance. And then as we drive through the golf ball, the body weight very aggressively moves to the left hand side, really driving aggressively to that left side holding that follow-through position and keeping balance. Club golfers that are going to hit the golf ball, and then have the little stumble over or stumble on to the backfoot as they hit it, generally speaking those are going to be the more inconsistent players. So when you are watching the world's best players you are watching them on the TV or the practice ground, notice how they hold their balance and their poise to the finish. And rather than trying to copy their entire golf swings, copy these key elements, copy balance, bring balance into your game and hopefully you'll start to play better golf.