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One of the key attributes that we are used to seeing now with a lot of the world's best players is when they set up to the golf ball they look very strong and particularly look very stable, look like Adam Scott could stand over the golf ball in his good address position and posture, looks like he could stand there all day long. And I think that's something I would encourage a lot of good amateur golfers to work on as well is if they want to improve their body position, their posture try and get into a balance and stable position that you feel like you could stand in back position all day long. There's no point setting up to the golf ball in a position where you feel like any minute any strong gust of wind is going to blow you over.

So, a little drill a little exercise, you actually need two people for this but you could take your address position and stand up to the ball and then just ask your mate to give you a little nudge on the shoulder and then a little nudge on this side and then maybe from the back try and nudge you forwards, nothing too hard just a little gentle shove. And if you can maintain your balance and your posture forwards and backwards and left and right then there's a chance that you're in a good stable balanced position to start with.

But if you're in a position where one little nudge knocks you off balance you've really got to question whether you have the balance and the stability to play a full 18 hole round the golf without falling over or without becoming unbalanced at any point. Particularly understanding that when you're on a driving range the balance is quite easy because it's nice and flat but out on the golf course when we go and play the slopes and edges of bunkers and sort of banks that you might be standing on and the wind might be blowing and it might be blowing you off balance a little bit. So, you need super balance on a flat lie so that when you go and play on the slopes you're not going to get blown over too much.

And I think if you can get a really good engagement of your legs that should help with your stability. So, as I set up to the golf ball here, I've got my good posture and my legs are really engaged. I feel like I'm just sinking into the ground a little bit, all my leg muscles are switched on and I'm ready to go, and that will help with my balance. If I found that my legs was soft and floppy in this position or more importantly if my legs were locked out I'd really be struggling for my balance.

So, a good anchored and engaged leg position, feel like you're not going to fall over even if you make shifts, your one way shifts you in other way you should feel like you could balance for full 18 holes even on the slopes, even on the windy day and that will put you in the best position to make an Adam Scott like golf swing from a good posture position.