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Video Transcript

Now, a golfer who has good balance and good rhythm is going to be a good opponent for anybody because their game is going to be pretty good. But it’s particularly important when we start looking at the short game. Now, we need to separate the two out here slightly because balance is going to affect one thing and rhythm will affect the other. Balance is going to affect the strike that you get on the golf ball more often. So as I set up to the golf ball and I’m leaning slightly into my left leg and my stance is narrow and I’m down on the grip, my balance is different to how it would be if I was hitting the full shots. When I’m hitting a wedge, I’m in a different position. But my balance should still be maintained so it’s really consistent as I hit through the shots. I’m not falling over as I hit through the shot and most importantly I can do it consistently. If my balance is bad and I lean back or lean forwards too much or tip on to my tiptoes, the strike is going to come under pressure. I might tap it, I might thin it, I might fat it but my strike is going to be poor if my balance is poor.

So then we look at rhythm, what does rhythm affect. Rhythm in the short game will generally affect your distance control because you won’t be able to control the distance accurately enough or well enough if the rhythm is going too fast or too slow. So a nice cadence for a pitching technique is one, two, three on the way through. One, two, three on the way through. If it turns into one, two, that’s definitely going to be too fast for a pitch and that’s going to send the golf ball too far. But if it’s one, two, one, two, that could be too slow for pitching techniques not going to hit the ball far enough. So you need to establish good rhythm, you then need to stick to that consistent rhythm the same every single time. One, two, three as it comes through. So if you have good rhythm, that will improve your distance control. If you have good balance, that would improve your strike. If you had good balance and rhythm together, we get strikes, good distances, guess what, we’re hearing some good chip shots and good pitch shots. So improving balance and rhythm in short game ultra important. Practice that and improve your short game.