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Video Transcript

If you’ve ever taken a trip or look around most of the big golfing superstores or even one of the little smaller pro shops at a golf club, you’ll see it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of gizmos and gadgets and I get really get excited because you can buy shiny things and big things, electric things and carrying things, there are all different things to buy for golf, and as a beginner that can be really off putting. Because what is necessary to start and what do I need as a novice? This costs $300 and that’s $500 and that golf ball costs $3 and I’m going to lose loads of them. Tell you what? You don’t need any of this advanced gear to get started. Most places will actually rent you a golf club and you only need one of those to start with. Most places, driving ranges particularly, you can buy the necessary golf balls by the buckets and they’ll only cost you $5 for a bucket. You stand on the mat, you’ve got your tee-peg, you wear loose fitting, nice kind of sporting clothing, tracksuits, t-shirts, they’re fine. You wear trainers you don’t necessarily need golf shoes to start with.

The one piece of equipment you might require after your first practice session is a glove. After you’ve hit 50 golf balls, and you’ve been striking them nicely, the skin on your hands might just feel a bit tender and you might start to get a few blisters. So one of the pieces of equipments I would encourage you to buy, rather than borrow, would be just get your own glove. Not expensive, a few dollars really to get a decent glove, and that’s your first piece of golfing equipment. Then when you come down to the driving range, you rent your golf club, make sure it’s the right sort of suitable length, the right sort of suitable size for you and the right weight, pull on the tee-peg and then you can just start utilizing the techniques that we’ll talk about in these next videos to start improving your technique.

If you decide that you want to get yourself your own club, you maybe borrow off your friend, borrow one that’s a hand-me-down from the grandparents or something like that, but just try and make sure it’s the right length, the right size, and a suitable weight for you. Just one club is all you need really to start with and try and make that club something like a 6, 7, or 8 iron. We’ll talk a little bit of about what those numbers mean in a second, but something like a 6, 7 or 8 iron is going to be a really suitable club for you just to start with. When you go to the driving range, ball on the tee-peg, set yourself up and start playing golf.