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Video Transcript

I spend my life helping people get started in playing golf. So for me, it’s a really clear route, a really clear progression of how you can get into golf. To start with, you go to a driving range. Driving range is not a golf course. Driving range is just where you stand on one fixed spot and you just hit the golf ball. You don’t need to go and look for it, you don’t need to go find it, there’s another one right there. Pick the next one up, and hit that one again. It’s a very closed environment and it’s the easiest place for you to learn.

The next thing for you is only take one club, take fifty golf balls at one time and take a little small tee-peg on your mat. The next thing I would encourage you to do is, try and get some tuition, now whether that’s professional tuition from your local PGA golf professional or an online tuition course similar to this, whichever suits your lifestyle, your budget and the time that you’ve got to spend the best. Professional tuition and the driving range is definitely the best way for you to start playing golf.