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When Should A Beginner Take Basic Golf Lessons? So this topic we’re looking at now is as a beginner of golf learning the basics. When should you take lessons? Now clearly as a PGA golf professional who makes his money and employs his time giving golf lessons, the obvious answer for me is yes, of course a beginner should take lessons to learn the basics of golf. But the way things work now with modern technology, a lesson isn’t normally this, it doesn’t have to strictly be the same as I sit down opposite to somebody and teach them as I generally do. It can be a video lesson like this, it could be doing your research on the internet, it could be looking at videos on YouTube, there’s lots of different ways of finding out the information that will help you get better at golf. The one thing I would suggest you avoid doing is just going out on the golf course and whacking it round and trying to teach yourself because I’ve spent my life undoing bad habits that people have gained over the last two, three, four, five years of just trying it out their own way and then I’m trying to teach them how to do it properly.

So if you’re learning to play the game from scratch then you can learn how to do it properly, you don’t have to undo all those bad habits, that’s the fastest way to learn correctly, take lessons from stage one. Now the other thing I would often suggest is stop listening to your playing partners and your friends because I get so many people who say, my mates have told me this and my friends have told me that and my playing partner told me how to do this. And my question often back to them is, well, what does your playing partner doing for a living? Well, he’s a builder, and I say to them, well I’m a rubbish builder, would you trust me to build your house? Of course, not. So stick to people that know what they’re doing. Golf professionals, maybe good players, but even good players don’t necessarily make good teachers, so golf professionals, people that you trust on the internet. Go and find your local PGA qualified golf professional, walk in to them and say, I’m here to start learning how to play golf, please teach me properly so I don’t learn any bad habits.

And if the golf coach is anybody, anything like I would be, he’d rub his hands together and go brilliant, you’ve come to me with no bad habits, we’ve got a blank piece of paper, a clean slate, you’re perfect. You will improve faster than the next guy that walks through the door, who’s been playing for two years, but he’s just been learning on his own. He’s got all these bad habits and funky little moves in his golf swing, which are no good to him. So when you start playing golf I would clearly encourage you to take lessons right from stage one. Find a good PGA golf professional, stick with them. Learn how to swing the golf club on the driving range then take those skills out on to the golf course. If you don’t have the funds or the time or the ability to go to golf lessons, use this course online.

I’m going to take you from stage one right the way through to being a decent golfer, lots of different stages along the way, teaching you how to do things, and stick with one golf coach because the advice is consistent, the advice would be simple and the advice would be a nice framework in building up to a good comprehensive swing.