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One of the biggest problems I see a beginner make when they start playing golf, is they rush in to the golf shop and they spend a fortune to buy a set of advanced golf clubs, and a new set of golf clubs aren’t really suitable and well fitted for them. So, what I would encourage you to do is just delay getting golf clubs to start with. You could start off just by borrowing a golf club, renting a golf club from the golf shop or borrowing necessary ones of your playing partners that they’re not using. And just start to develop your swing and your technique using that club, because from a professional’s point of view, when I look at some new golfer playing golf, I’ll see their golf swing change really rapidly in the first four to six weeks of them playing. And after that six week period, four or six week period, they’ll start to develop a swing they’ll actually keep pretty much for the rest of their playing days and it’s when that swing develop that we can get the right set of golf clubs for that person.

And if people have just spent a fortune on a set of golf clubs to start with and then I’m telling them that actually those clubs aren’t suitable for them and their swing and their size and their shape, then it can be very difficult for that person to sell those clubs and actually lose money on them and then invest in the right set of golf clubs, and that means you’re playing with the wrong set of clubs for an extended period of time. Most golfers would have two or three sets of golf clubs maybe in the first 10 years of playing, then they might have a set of golf clubs that lasts them a little bit longer.

So, when you first start playing, don’t invest thousands of dollars in one set of golf clubs which you think is going to last you a lifetime. You need to just build that set steadily, so you might start off with a beginner’s set, and that might be 2 or 3 hundred dollars for a nice quality set. Don’t scrimp too much and spend too little, because you’ll find that the golf clubs really won’t be suitable and really won’t last at all. So, 2 or 3 hundred dollars for your first set of golf clubs is fine but don’t rush out to buy those until you’ve actually started develop your swing. And then once you’ve started to develop that swing, try and take some professional advice. Get somebody like myself who is a PGA golf professional to look over your swing and make a recommendation on which clubs you should be looking for.

If you look at the website at, they’ve got a great range of golf clubs that will start off as beginners clubs and then develop to intermediate clubs and then most of the better player’s clubs. So the whole lifetime of your golf within that one brand, would work really nicely. But when you start off, develop your swing and then pick the right clubs for your game, rather than buying an expensive set of clubs and then trying to learn how to use them later down the line and hopefully that will set you on the right road to playing great golf.