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Video Transcript

So if you’ve now feel that you’ve comfortably mastered the proper setup positions and you’re addressing the golf ball in the right places and you’re perfectly gripping the golf club in the right places, now we can start to have a look at how you actually start your swing with the movement that we call the takeaway. Just taking the golf club back away from the golf ball nice and successfully, is the best way to get the swing on the right position. Simply the mistakes you make in the first three or four feet will only be exaggerated as you make your swing higher and further. So let’s make sure we get this first bit right with the correct takeaway.

From a good address position, where everything is nicely lined up, and you’ve got a good grip, the only bit that you really need to move is your front shoulder. Just take your front shoulder and gently turn it around until it comes underneath your chin. Try and avoid your chin moving though, don’t let your chin move up or down, just let the shoulder gently fit into the space underneath your chin here. So it’s a nice solid shoulder turn, the shoulders rotate, the left shoulder will come down slightly under the chin, the right shoulder just go back behind you in a little bit high there for the right-handed golfer.

As I turn back here with the takeaway, you will notice that my hands and arms, stay quite straight and quite strong. They are not flicking too much. They are not bending and rolling too much. It’s my shoulders that dominate this movement. If you want a little tip or a little drill of how to get this movement to feel comfortable, you could place the golf club over your shoulders, lean forward to your golf posture and try and point the handle of the golf club down towards the golf ball here, towards the floor. And as I make this movement, you can start to see how my shoulders are winding up. And if I keep my shoulders winding up, that’s the first part of my takeaway. If you wanted to implement this movement, and now start chipping a golf ball, try and get the back swing and the follow through to go to round about the same height, which should only at this level, just be at hip height.

Front shoulder under the chin, rear shoulder under the chin, and it just starts to produce a little shots where you can just go back and through and just chip the golf ball very lightly away. The ball isn’t expected to go anymore than 20 or 30 yards here, but it’s just a great way of implementing a good setup, a basic little takeaway movement and just getting club on ball, popping the ball forwards 30 yard. Have a go at that and see how that can improve your takeaway.