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Video Transcript

My golf posture is bad because I bend from the waist, well this is going to cause you a real issue if you don’t prevent this from happening, because bending from the waist is going to cause you to create this kind of see look in your posture, this really curved look at the shoulders. And the issue you’ve got with that is if you’re curved at the shoulders like this, its going to make it very difficult to rotate correctly on your back swing. And what you’ll tend to do is you’ll tend to lift up and then you’ve come out of posture so now if you don’t drop back down, you’re not going to hit a good golf shot. So because you’re lifting and having to drop, it puts a lot of extra movement into the swing making it very difficult for you to correct consistently and hit consistent golf shots rather than if you’ve lifted and haven’t drop back down, you’ll hit the top of the ball or if you lift and drop down too much, you’ll now fat the shot and hit the ground first.

So to stop you from bending at the waist, here is a really good drill, you take an alignment; pole and just place it down at the back of your tee shot, as just it comes out of your tee shot at the bottom and then just hook that into the top of your trousers or your belt hook. Okay, this will now mean that you’re going to hinge from the waist -- sorry from the hips rather than from the waist. So you’re creating a very straight line with your head back on this pole, the back of your shoulders is on the pole and the bottom of your spine is on the pole. And what we want to do is now tilt from this area here from the bottom of the pole; it will make it very difficult for you to bend from the waist, because you’ll feel it tagging on your shirt, so you’ll know you; are making the wrong action. So tilt forward, keeping the straight line and then just soft on the knees and that’s the right position to be into hit your golf shot from. From this position, you’ll be able to turn your shoulders but maintain your spine angle rather than what we were saying before was you were lifting your spine angle up.

So if you maintain that spine angle and turn around it, you’ll hit much more consistently because you’re not lifting or dropping. It’s a great tip to help you improve your posture.