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How can I play the last few golf holes better? If you find that you regularly play on the golf course and you play great through 13 or 14 holes and then the last three or four holes are really letting you down and you are losing a lot of shots over there, that would be a very good indicator that we need to look at your sort of energy levels, the energy you’ve got left on the golf course and maybe your fitness level which is affecting your energy level. But before we even start thinking about fitness level, all I would suggest you do, if you do find regularly that you’re having the last three or four holes are costing you a lot of shots, is just consider if you are eating and drinking enough when you are out on the golf course.

You're playing golf which is taking your energy to do and you’re walking a long way while you’re are playing golf as well. So you are using energy up and if you are not replacing that energy, by the end of the round, you’re running on empty; you’ve got no energy left and it’s then affecting your concentration levels as well so you may be making bad decisions on club choices, plus you’ve not got a lot of energy left to swing with the same speed that you were swinging with before and the combination is you’re then dropping and taking too many shots over those last few holes. So my advice would be take plenty of fluid out onto the golf course, plenty of water and also plenty of energy snacks. So cereal bars, nuts and fruits to snack on, a sandwich with you, bananas, anything like that. Avoid chocolate because that’s just a quick fix of energy, it gives you a real energy spike maybe for one hole and then you feel very flat afterwards, so it’s not a good way to re-fuel your energy levels at all. What I would do is don’t wait until you get to the ninth hole before you have a drink or have a snack. I would say that on odd number holes, you just take a couple of sips of water or your juice and then on an even number hole, just take a couple of mouthfuls of your snack. And then keep doing that throughout the round.

You might want to skip the odd hole but generally, on even number holes, drink – on odd number holes drink and on un-even number holes take some food on board and just grace through the round, you don’t have to take the energy in all at one go. That will give you a really constant energy level and you should find that by the end of the round, you’ve still got plenty of energy and you can play those last few holes really well. Another tip would be, if you do carry your golf clubs, consider using a trolley instead. Again, it won’t take as much effort for you to push the trolley as it does to carry your clubs, and you will have plenty of energy left and really improve on the last few holes, take fewer shots and lower those golf scores.