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How can I best play a blind golf shot? Well, a blind golf shot is just one where, when you’ve taken your dress position up and you’re ready to strike the golf ball, and you look up at the target, you can’t actually see the target. So, that might occur for example if you’re playing over a hill and the green is lower down the hill, so you’ve got a blind shot. You don’t know where the target is. So, what I’d suggest to with how to sort of cope with this situation is walk to out in front of the ball to a position where you can see the target and stand so that you can see both the target and the ball. Stand at that point where you can see both elements of the shot. And then work out where you are on the fairway so that you can focus on that point to then strike the ball over.

If you’re playing in an event which is you have a partner, so say for example, you’re playing four cents and you’re playing with someone else, you could ask them to go and stand on the fairway so that you can, they are between the target and the ball, so you can get a line on them with where to hit to. But if you’re playing on your own you need to walk out there, you need to stand in between those positions and maybe notice something on the ground there that you can then hit the ball over. So when you come back to the ball and you’re trying to imagine the shot on the line and where the ball’s going to go, you know whereabouts on the fairway, you’ve got to hit the ball to get the ball to that target.

And that’s the best way to approach hitting a blind golf shot. Focus on that point which is between the target and the ball, take a line from that point back to the ball, pick something out just in front of the ball that you can then line the club face to. Set the club face down that line you’ve picked or to the spot that’s just one to two feet in front of the ball, take your alignment and then picture the whole shot. Picture where the ball’s going to finish and then swing and hit your golf shot. And that’s the best way to approach playing blind golf shots.