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Video Transcript

A common problem for most golfers when they are hitting pit shots into the green is being able to control the distance. One of the most common issues would be leaving the golf ball short of the green and not hitting it far enough. So a few reasons why this might happen: initially, you may be leaving the ball short of the green because you are not actually taking enough backswing. If you don’t take enough backswing, you won't have enough time to create the speed to come back through the shot and actually generate the distance that's required. Another reason why it could leave the ball short of the green would be that as you swing the club back, you are not breaking your wrists early enough which again also mean that you are not going to take the club back enough but then as you come back in, you stop as you hit the ball.

It’s really important that when you are hitting the pit shot, that you equal distance on both sides. So if the club moves back to say waist high, as you follow through, keep the club going and finish at waist high on the follow through position. So tips for hitting good pit shots would be: 1). Make sure your break your wrists early that will allow you to get more back swing length and 2). However far you swing the club back on your back swing, make sure you mirror it as you finish on your follow through. That will encourage you to swing through the ball to create club head speed and then the ball is going to sail all the way off the flag.