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Video Transcript

If you’re looking to improve your rotation during your golf swing and especially through impacts and into your follow-through then try the following drill. This was really used a lot by the great golfer Gary Player back in his day you saw him doing this all the time when he was out on the golf course especially when he was playing to improve his rotation and to get him through the ball better on to his follow-through.

So what I want you to do is set up to hit your golf ball. Swing the club back and then as you swing down work on stepping the foot over and walking after your golf shots. Gary Player used to do this constantly on the course. He’d hit the shots and be off down the fairway straightaway once he’d hit the shot. So just practice that. Swing it back. Swing through, step and walk after your golf shot because it’s really going to encourage you to turn your hips through the shot, turn your torso towards the target and generate a lot more rotation during your downswing. As you go through impact that rotational movement will create a lot more club head speed for you and you’ll start to hit your shots a lot, lot longer. So work on that on the driving range but try out on the course as well. You’ll speed your play up as well and get walking after that golf ball to shoot lower scores.