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Video Transcript

How can you improve your golf driving accuracy? Well that’s like finding the holy grail of golf isn’t it? If you could improve your golf driving accuracy the world would seem a much better place, the rest of the game would seem so much easier. So here is a few tips to try and improve your accuracy from the tee. The first thing to look at is why are you inaccurate off the tee? Well it’s this thing isn’t it?

It’s the club that you are using, it’s the driver, it’s the longest club in the bag, it’s the club with the least amount of loft. Therefore, it’s the club that creates the least amount of backspin and the least amount of controlling your swing. So inherently the driver is harder to hit and harder to hit straight. The ball is in the air for a long period of time, its curving off line for a long period of time and a two degree margin of error over 200 - 250 yards is clearly going to be a lot more off target than a two degree error over 100 yards.

So the driver is the most difficult club to hit straight. Couple of things that I think could help you improve your accuracy simple things I see golfers getting wrong all the time. The first one is just alignment, they don’t aim straight in the first place I see, so many golfers that tell me that, “Uh Pete I'm really struggling, I keep hitting this ball off to the right hand side.”

And I simply lay a club down across their toes in their address position, they stand back and they “Go yeah I pretty much hit over there all the time.” So that’s because you are aiming over that way. And if it’s not the feet that are aiming off line it might be the shoulders that are aiming off line. The feet point one way, the shoulders point another way, there is a twist in the body. Therefore, inconsistency creeps into the ball flight. So alignment to the feet is essential, then alignment of the clubface, make sure that clubface is bang on target as well and the feet are bang on parallel to that.

The next thing that I see that golfers miss out on when they are trying to hit the ball straight is they don’t strike the ball in the right part of the clubface, they hit the ball too much to the toe, too much to the heel and they probably misunderstand how important that is to hitting great straight golf shots. So try and have a look on the clubface either using the visual marks of where it’s hitting if you keep the clubface nice and clean or put some impact tape on the clubface, then when you hit it you will start to see where about the ball is striking.

Now if the clubface is lined up, the feet are lined up and you are striking it nicely in the middle of the clubface then clearly there is a mistake somewhere along the line within the swing. The dynamics of the clubface and the club path aren’t lined up together and that’s kind of a more fundamental and a bigger issue to cover in this video. So what I would suggest is try and hit 10 golf balls onto a fairway at the driving range, identify the average ball flight, so if its slicing or fading or hooking or drawing, identify the average ball flight.

And then do some research on what elements in your swing are causing those problems. You might find on this website there is half a dozen tips or more that would help improve your accuracy by changing the fundamentals. But if you’ve got the clubface lined up, the feet lined up and you are striking the ball nicely at the center of the golf club you are going a good way to improving the accuracy of your golf drives.