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When you look into through your bag of clubs, I think most people have got a favorite club or even a favorite end. They might like the longer clubs, they might like the shorter clubs and I don't mind you having a favorite club but try and avoid having least favorite clubs. Try and work on every club in the bag, so you get yourself firmly with all of them.

Then you're going to always have that favorite club, the one that you may be practiced with the most. Maybe it's the club that you learned with. Try and pick out that club for all of your most difficult shots. Sometimes we call them specialty shots, you know, the one where you've got to recovery it underneath the tree or curve over the top of a bush or maybe you've got yourself a really bad lie.

If your favorite club is a mid iron, always go back to that favorite club when you're playing those speciality or recovery difficult shots. It just helps with your mind set that when you approach the ball, there're lots of difficult things to look at. There's s the lie, what's in front of you, where the danger is, but at least one thing you've got confidence in is, I've got my favorite seven iron in my hands then when you set up the golf ball, you're looking down, it looks familiar, it looks comfortable, you can go ahead and play that little punch shot out underneath the trees, but you've got your favorite club in your hands.

If you're trying to play these difficult shots and you've got a club that you don't like anywhere, you're not familiar with it, chances are, you don't get a good contact then you blame the club then you blame the lie and everything else. So, try and get to the point where you don't have any least favorite clubs in your bag, but they're all pretty comfortable. If you've got a favorite then use that for the specialty, use that for the difficult shots and hopefully that will help with your recovery play.