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Video Transcript

If you could make the physical attributes to be the world’s best golfer, you couldn’t go too far on by copying Dustin Johnson. He’s six foot four inches tall, big frame, very athletic and very flexible as well. There’s no surprise he’s on of the world’s longest hitters but there are a couple of old tweaks in his golf swing that actually can get him into a little bit of bother and he has to work quite hard to correct. So from a very athletic very tall set up position you would expect from a big guy who is a big bummer stands really tall to the golf ball takes the golf club nice and wide to the top but he has a little bow in his left wrist. If I turn down the lines so you can see this the back of his left wrist arch is quite pronounced this way towards the sky.

You feel like the budge of you glove would actually point up at the sky, you’ll get the feeling of how Dustin's Johnson’s left wrist moves. If you then trace that up and look at the club face, the club face has a tendency also to point to the sky getting a little bit closed in this position. Ideally, this phase would be a little lower down following the line of the left forearm and that would produce the a budge that points more straight forward. So if you look at Dustin Johnson’s left arm we’d get it a little bit more pointing straight to camera rather than right up to sky like this.

So he obviosuly plays quite well with that little mistake, that little tweak but if you feel you’re guilty of pulling the ball, closing the club phase and hitting some hooks just come sit at where you’re left hand is at the top of the swing, try to feel like the budge point more straight forward not so much up at the sky. And if you’ve got a mirror place a mirror down where that camera is swing up to the top and have a look, does my left forearm match my golf club? If it’s closed in this position bring the wrist back in line less of a bow, does the club face on the left forearm match and it should be a lot closely match there rather that there.

That should help you hit the ball straighter and you don’t then have to make the compensation that Dustin has to make has to make on the down swing where he works hard to try and keep the golf club face square and doesn’t let it shoot over and hit big pool hooks. So physically great specimen, left arm not quite in the position for my liking.