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Now we're going to talk about Arnold Palmer. Probably the godfather of the modern game and somebody that as golfers we should all be grateful the way he popularized the game and brought the game to the popular attention of the media. In his heyday, Palmer was one of the best swingers of the golf club as well. And a real good advocate for the game of golf around the world. As we setup the golf ball we look at Palmer's golf swing, he was very stable with his head in his heyday. I'm going to talk to you about how his swing has changed a little bit as well but he was very steady with his head.

Created a huge shoulder rotation, a little bit of leg action, but a huge shoulder rotation without moving his head drove through the ball beautifully, head stayed very steady. But as we watch Palmer through his career we see how his swing has changed. You’ll know watch him, very rarely does he play maybe the drive, and the ceremonial drive at the Masters and that sort of thing. But maybe go back 10 years and look at the videos of the golf swing and you’ll see how as his flexibility changed, so did his golf swing.

His head started to move a lot more, not only laterally but more importantly, upwards. And that’s not going to be a good thing for his consistency, but he had to make that change due to flexibility. So if you getting on in years and you feeling like flexibility wise your back and your legs you're struggling a little bit, maybe be a bit more lenient on yourself with how much head movement you have but if you're young, you're fit, you're flexible, you don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, you should try and keep your head very, very steady.

So what I would encourage you to do is find yourself so you look on into a mirror. So maybe a patio door or a window, place the club over your shoulders here, look at yourself and practice making big turns big turn back here, making sure when you look in the mirror that the head isn’t rising up too much. It can move laterally but we don’t want it to lift up. If it's lifting up like we see in a sort of a modern day Palmer swing, he starts to lift his spine angle up this way. And it's really just the issues he has in flexibility and he's not able to stay down as he did in his heyday and really make a big turn. He starts to lift up a little bit too much.

So try and avoid any vertical movement of your head during your swing. It's never going to give you the power or the consistency that you want. If like Palmer in his heyday, you can make a very steady turn back in the backswing, big drive of the legs into the ball, and keeping the head super still, that should improve your consistency nicely.