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If we analyze the game of David Toms I think the word that comes to mind really is just steady in fact super steady. Super steady character, nice and calm, nice and relaxed around the golf course 17 titles in the over his career including a major in 2001. Very, very steady swinger of the golf club as well as when we look at his technique. He works very hard on a one piece take away and keeping the club in front of his body. Now there’re some good things for that but also a word of caution particularly if you’re a slicer of the golf ball.

So as I show you down the line what I mean by keeping the golf club in front of your body, good set up position here you well see that club stays in front of my body, I’ve got this nice triangle. Now, the longer I can keep the club within the triangle facing my body the more consistent I can be. But I don’t generate a great deal of power with the club directly in front of my body. So at some point I have to take the golf club out of that triangle. So from here I swing up to halfway still in the triangle, go up to the top, I come out of the triangle slightly down swing here I’m back in the triangle. Turn through, keep the triangle in front of my chest the whole way and then finish coming out of the triangle because I need a bit more of a long to follow through. And David Toms is very, very steady at doing this.

He turns back with his shoulders, club stays banging the triangle in front of his hands, up and down keeps the club in front of his body all the way through impact. And that can be very good if you’re a straight hitter or if you want to hit a small fade. However if struggle with a slice of the golf club or slice of the golf ball should I say by swinging the golf club too far up and down in front of your body, that feeling of one piece being in front of your body might not necessary be the right thing particularly on the down swing. You might feel the idea of keeping the club out in front of your body, I actually encourage you to keep it too far that way in front of your body which isn’t going to be a good feeling.

In fact for a lot of people that slice the ball would often talk about bringing the golf club behind the triangle I talked about more on the inside line of the ball and coming attacking the ball from the inside. So the David Toms steady in front of the chest one piece back and through, that’s great. If you are a slicer of the golf ball probably not ideal, probably work on getting the feeling maybe not exactly though but with the right swing but the feeling anyway of dropping the golf all behind you a lot more. Attacking more from the inside and trying to hit the draw shots but a super steady player like David Toms is well worth watching.