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Video Transcript

I remember back to when I was 12 old, I’d just taken up the game of golf, I was looking around my local pro shop and there was one drive I always wanted. It was too expensive, my mom and dad wouldn’t buy it for me and it was the Freddy Couples links boom boom driver. And here we are 23 years later, 22 years later and the guy is still on my TV screen, he’s still playing amazing golf and he’s still one of the longest guys out there. What a charismatic, charming, brilliant guy Freddy is. He’s the kind of guy that all the lads want to be and all the women want to be with.

He just saunters around the golf course like he’s going for a walk on the beach, he’s got those little spikier shoes just like he’s wearing the trainers, hands in his pocket, just having a little saunter, walks up to it, cracks it down the middle and treats all gustier in playing the masters like he’s playing golf in his own back yard. What a really cracking golf player to watch. When he sets up to the golf board, just saunters up to it a little shuffle, a little hitch in the pants and we’re away. Big, flowing back swing, one of the longest swings that you’ll see and that’s really where he started to get his power from, nice, big, flowing over swing and a full reap to a really big finish.

Over recent years, Freddy shortened his golf swing a little bit, tightened it all up a little bit too rainy tin. And undoubtedly he doesn’t hit the ball as hard as he used to. Age does take it for facts and everybody but the equipment changes. So he’s now using a driver that’s slightly longer, slightly less lofted or maybe -- sorry slightly more lofted but certainly spinning the ball less than that driver that I used to hang my nose over in the pro shop twenty two years ago. So the equipment has changed to help his swing develop and also this shorter golf swing just gives him that little bit of extra control but a fantastic player plays with no fear and certainly plays in a very relaxed fashion.

I wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to copy the old Freddy swing, the long swing, the loose swing; it could give you a little bit of the lacking in accuracy and a few wayward shots. But certainly the more modern Freddy swing; a little bit shorter at the top, little bit more controlled and certainly the way he plays in a very relaxed fashion, if you’re going to copy one player you can’t be wrong with Fred Couples.