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Video Transcript

Personally I think Angel Cabrera is probably one of my favorite golfers to watch on the golf course. He's just going to Swoosh buckle his way round the golf course, not too many technical swing thoughts, walks up to it gives it a whack and it has proved really successful. The guy maybe didn’t win the majors he's won, when you look at him from a physical perspective and the way he plays the game but he's won a couple of major championships this year even well into his 40s, he pushed Adam Scott close in the Masters got into a playoff. And there you got two completely contrasting styles, Adam Scott one of the young books on tour if you like, perfect physical specimen, great golf swing.

Cabrera sidles up to it a little bit of a belly on him, sets up to it gives a little of a waggle botches it straight down the middle and manages to get himself in a playoff and nearly won a third major championship. He's got his son on the bag so he plays with his lad, walks round the golf course nice and relaxed doesn’t let too much stress him out, doesn’t like get too much pressure on him. When he plays he doesn't have too many technical swing though he talks about how his only real focus is just squaring up the club face.

So his set up his a little bit round the little bit hunch but his only real thought is just squaring that club face up at impact. And that works well for him, if you present the club face nice and square through the impact area you won't see necessarily too much curve on the golf ball, you'll hit a lot of fairways. But Cabrera even to his 40s massive hit to the golf ball keeps up with all the young guys and just smashes that ball for a mile. And the real focus for him is getting that big framed turning. So he's quite a big guy but he still manages to really wind up his upper body very nicely. Here is a great practice drill for you to make sure that you're turning your upper body and generating lots of power.

As you set up the golf ball take a club and just place it over the front of your shoulders here, tilt for to your normal posture and you should see the handle of the club pointing down out of your target. Now we want to wind up and see if we can get that handle pointing down towards the ball. You can hear my voice that tightens up a little bit there's quite a lot of tension there and if I can create a nice big wound up coil and then release that back through the golf ball that’s going to generate me loads of power. So although Cabrera is a big guy he moves his frame very well, he doesn’t just stand there and lift it up with the hands and the arms. Make sure that left shoulder works down and under around into your chin so it looks like it's pointing at the golf ball, big turn through square the clubface like Cabrera for nice long straight high golf shots.