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The golf commentators will often say about the world's best players that they don’t get many chances to win a Major and when Adam Scott lost the 2012 Open to Ernie Els having had a four shot lead with four holes to play a lot of people would have said that was his chance to win his Major but actually he came back and won at the start of the 2013 season when he won the Masters beating Angel Cabrera in a playoff. So he really got some good games and consistent game at the highest level in the major championships.

When we look at Adam Scott's golf swing we often start to see some real good comparisons with Tiger Woods's golf swing. And here's a similarity, they both were coached by Butch Harmon in the early 90s so they both molded their swings in a very similar fashion with Harmon. And actually we look at Adam's Scott take away really the thing that sets up the rest of his swing. He has fantastic posture of the golf ball, stands really tall with a big deep hit position pushes the hips right back for great posture. Phenomenal width in the back swing, Harmon really likes to see good wide takeaways on line so both Woods and Scott in the 90s had a really wide take away and Scott still maintains that nice position at the top getting the golf ball perfectly square, very athletic on the way down fantastic golf swing.

There isn’t really great deal in the golf swing of Adam Scott that you should try and avoid lots of things you should try and copy. The one thing I would encourage you to consider with Adam Scott's game that probably isn’t going to work over a longer period of time is the big broom handle putter. Not a great putter with the short stick, Scott's changed to the big putter over the last four, five years. And he does put very nicely with it under pressure in the Masters holed a few nice clutch puts to win the tournament. But that club is going to be banned across all golf, across all the tours from 2016 as the ruling currently stands.

So it's definitely something that Adam Scott needs to consider. It will be interesting to see whether his game whether he changes to a short putter early on now 2013/2014 season going forward or whether he sticks to the advantageous longer putter right up until the end of the ban. Similar players Keegan Bradley other people will be interested to see how they adopt that change. But in terms of Adam Scott's golf swing copy everything you can but avoid the long broom handle putter.