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Now if you're playing golf in a right-handed fashion, you probably do because you're a right-handed person, and therefore the right hand would naturally be stronger, and probably better coordinated than the left. Yet we talk so much about the left arm position, the left hand position what it should be doing. But do you fully understand what your right arm should be doing in the swing? And likewise if you're a left-handed golfer, do you fully understand what your left arm is doing in the golf swing?

So here we'll go through a step by step analysis of exactly what that arm should be doing at points in the golf swing. Now if you take your address position to start with. As you're setting up to the golf ball, the right arm will be nicely relaxed not too much pressure through the right fingers and the elbow might be just be slightly kicked down and inwards and not locked up too high with the high shoulder position, so just a nice relaxed arm. During the one piece take away the left arm works there is a nice line on the way back; one piece on the right arm just after fold-in nice and gently, a bit of elbow bend here but not too much pulling in behind. It pretty much just follows the lead of the left arm through to here.

Now we build that swing up to the top of the back swing where we'll see the right arm from a nice 90 degree forearm to bicep movements. But also just be careful that the right arm still stays in front of your chest. We don’t want to have the right arm too far back here. It often results in a flat with quite a long over swing as well. So the right arm is flexed through here, let’s look through here to a 90 degree position but it still described as being in front of my chest. The bicep here is still quite tightened. It's not gone too high and be very clear in your back swing that your elbow does not get above your shoulder. As soon as your right elbow gets above your shoulder it will be very long slightly disconnected position.

Now during the down swing, your right elbow can actually do quite a big pulling motion down towards the golf ball which will generate a lot of power for you. So from the nice 90 degree right elbow position here, drive that elbow back down towards the head, keeping that arm nicely and behind you, pulling in towards the golf ball so it's got loads of power--it's loaded up. The wrist is angled back, the elbow is tucked in.

Now this is a very powerful position. Imagine that you are going to throw a ball and you would get to this position just before impact and then it's the release. And the release is a big extension of the right arm through the impact area to generate power. One, two, now it's ready. Let it release and extend and now it goes to its fully straight position. The shoulder under the chin, the fully extended arm, the point down the target line, there's full power. And then it relaxes again once more to a nice bent position to finish fully behind my head. So as we go ahead and take that swing at full speed from a good address position, we'll watch the elbow fold 90 degrees at the top, pull in and extend away just focusing on the right arm movement, great way to generate a lot of power on your swing. There you go.