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Video Transcript

The first part of the Golf Swing Sequence that we need to be looking at and improving is the back swing. If you can get your back swing off to the correct start then the rest of the swing will be in a much better place when you come to it. Now the back swing sequence is very much dominated by the upper body with the lower half remaining nice and solid. Although the lower half does have a role to play as well. There are numbers of ways that we can get the back swing sequence going, a lot of players when they get set a little bit of forward press with the hands almost engage in the whole process, I won’t do that with mine, I am just going to show you what we want to be seeing.

So on the way back, the hands are the first things to move, so the hands move the club head away from the ball. Now the hands move the club head away from the ball, you will notice how my arms and my shoulders begin to rotate away. The couple of ways that you can do this, you can have a more one piece take away or you can have very much an individual parts take away, with individual parts take away the hands move and then it’s a feeling of the arms and then it’s a feeling of the shoulders. With the one piece take away, all of that unit moves away together, how it works for you is very much personal preference.

Both of these methods are used by very good Golfers, they are either way, the hands move first, the arms move second, then the shoulders, then the torso begins to turn. Now at this point here the shoulders are continuing to turn but the right hip is also starting to rotate so although the lower half is mainly used for stability in the back swing sequence is that slight rotation of the right hip away from the ball that will allow a nice big shoulder turn to be built. The Sequence of the Back Swing is over once the shoulders have rotated to the back of the target, the left shoulder is beneath the chin and you are poised to begin the down swing.

That is where the down swing sequence kicks in and that is what we will be looking at in the next video.