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Video Transcript

Camillo Villegas is probably one of those archetype or new breed of golfers that seem to spend more time in the gym than they do actually practicing on the golf course. Physically very, very fit. He just looks like one big elastic band. He makes his golf swing turn nicely to the top, lets the elastic band go, spins back around and hits the ball for miles. Hasn’t quite reached the best of his potential, I don’t think yet. Having a very early start with PGA tour career, playing nicely, a couple of wins under his belt and he’s got a little bit off the ball a little but quiet for the last few years.

Actually, when you look at his technique, there’s not a great deal in his technique that I think is going to cause him problems. One thing I would like you to copy about his technique particularly is this idea of creating massive power though you’re physical, your physical presence and being over the golf ball without necessarily being the world’s biggest or strongest guy. So when we set up to the golf ball, creating a nice, big back swing with the upper body is one way of generating lot of power. We want to get the shoulders at least to 90 degrees. But we also have to be conscious that the legs don’t turn too much with that.

So as the upper body turns around this way, make sure the bottom half doesn’t come round and follows and actually when you make this, you should feel quite tight again think about that elastic band principle. We want to turn it back, create a lot of power at the top of the back swing. Create the elastic band feeling. It’s tight; you can hear the tension in my voice. Then start the hips turning back in the opposite direction which tightens that that ex factor even more. Hips are facing here, shoulders are facing round here. Move the hips back. That creates more tension, more spring loading elastic band, spinning back round to the big finish producing the longest straight is golf shot you can manage. Consider your golf spring as winding up the elastic band and then letting it spin. That’s one great way of producing extra long golf shots.