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Video Transcript

Okay. So let’s talk about hybrid golf clubs for the seniors, what are they, where they come from? Hybrids once upon a time were used to be called ‘rescue clubs,’ that’s how they started out back many years ago, and very quickly they’ve actually changed then to become a hybrid, which is like a combination of a fairway wood and an iron. It’s like the best of both worlds; they’ll be a lot more forgiveness on the soil. Now you’ll see more and more professionals out there carrying those hybrids in that bag, because they’re so much more forgiving. Why are they’re so more forgiving; because of the design of the golf club.

We have a deep cavity, by having a deeper cavity than what an iron could have, they’ll be able to put the weight around the parameter, which creates a high moment of inertia in the middle, which is a big squeeze spot, and from that position there you can just imagine that even an off center sort of shot, will actually be flying a much straighter shot than maybe a three, four or five iron.. So there’s a lot of forgiveness in that club face, you’ve got the weight based nice and low in the head and again is everything about this club the hybrid is forgiveness, this is where we’ve come from.

So if you got a 6 Iron and you’re not very confident, maybe use a no. 6 hybrid club and there is your parallel between the two which is easy to use. Which golf club is going to hit the ball more consistently out in the middle, which one is going to fly higher, straighter? Well I can assure you now that the hybrid is here to stay, so if you’re struggling with those the longer irons, 3 Iron, 4 Iron, 5 Iron, look at these clubs, because they will help everybody – especially the senior’s golfers. Yeah we’re looking for forgiveness, we’re looking for something that makes the job easier, they will hit higher shots, they will hit higher shots, they will hit straighter shots than your long irons I can assure you.

So basically that is what a hybrid is, that is where it’s comes from, from a rescue its now with a hybrid they call it, its a combination of and iron and a fairway wood, but they’re so easy to use. If you’ve not tried one, going down to the range and get a golf club, try one out or better still go into Thomas Golf’s website they have a fantastic range of rescue clubs to suite everybody. And I can assure you they’re so, so easy to use. So set yourself up, ball position where you would be with a normal iron, from this position here, swing the club back and any differences with the hybrid is hit down and through.

So if I swing the club back, down and that ball has gone very, very high, very high this is a no. 6, they’re so easy, I could have hit that ball up the heel or the toe, and I still would have gotten a decent golf shot away, but would you have got that with your long iron? I don’t think so. Hybrids are here to stay, put one in your bag today.