Video Series

Video Transcript

Over the course of the next five videos, I am going to give some advice and some drills, if you struggle with hitting the golf ball too low, so I think w all want to see the ball flies nice and high in the air over the obstacles on the golf course, lands on the green, takes one bounce, and spins up next to the hole, that's going to be classed as a really nice looking iron shot. If your iron shots aren’t achieving that and they are going low and they are running too much as they land, there could be a number of factors that are going to be … going to be something you want to try and look and try to improve on. The first thing we are going to look at here, is the fact that the golf ball position maybe too far back in your stance, which in turn would create a golf club have less loft on it. So I have got a 7 iron here and here we will get a pitch of how high and how far a 7 iron should fly, but if my 7 iron launches below its intended launch, it could come out too low, builds in generating a back spin to fly high into the air and just kind of nose dives and lands.

Now if I have got a bunker in front of the green at let’s say a 150 yards, my 7 iron should fly 160 and fly over the top of that bunker, but if I play a ball that is too far back in my stance, in turn I would expect my hands now to be too far in front of that golf ball of impact, taking quite a lot of loft off the face. Now remember each club in your back only differs from the next club by 3.5 to 4 degrees, so every time I move my handle forwards 3.5 to 4 degrees I am effectively changing my 7 to a 6, put it 8 degrees ahead, is now 5 iron, put it 12 degrees ahead, I have now got a 4 iron, now try to fly over a bunker with a 4 iron might not necessarily work it might just land and scuttle into the bunker at the front of the green.

So ball position too far back that puts body weight and hands too far ahead, I then hit down on the ball and it comes out very low and this ball has only landed at about 120 yards and then it has got to do a lot of rolling, now its okay as long as there is nothing in the way but if I intend that 7 iron to fly high up and over the bunker, then I have been caught out due to poor ball position, so this time when we set up to the golf ball, we would like to play the ball from a neutral 7-iron ball position, now pitching wedge and sand wedge is going to be in the center and then half an inch more forward for every other club, so 9, 8, 7, take the 7 from this position, keep that process going 6, 5, 4, 3, across, across, across until you drive 3 with ball position here.

So 7 iron being very slightly ahead of center, would produce hand position that its level maybe slightly ahead, just a couple of degrees ahead would be fine but not too far ahead and definitely not too far back with a golf ball, that produces a low iron shot but scoots rather than flies high and lands on the green.