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Okay so what's the correct swing? Is that a sweeping action or one that comes down steep and hits the divot. What's – what's one – which swing is best for you? Think about two things. a) what club you're going to use and b) what the ball position is. So here I've got a 7-iron. A 7-iron is played in the middle of the stance. And when the ball is played on the middle of the stance it naturally creates a swing that goes more up and down because the ball is further back in the stance. If we move out of that area and we go for a 6-iron go down 5 on all the rest of it or why is most probably one of the most favorite clubs now for most golfers which is a hybrid.

The hybrid would actually move further forward in the south so its not in the middle anymore just a little bit further forward in the center and then from that because the weight is now a little bit more evenly bounced because when the ball was in the middle the weight didn’t actually shifts a bit more in the left side. So now the ball is further fall into the hybrid. The ball, the weight distribution is now well evenly positioned. From here the technique would now be just to sweep the club that low because remember as the ball position goes further forward the loft and the golf club starts to decrease so about putting the ball further forward it actually helps us to sweep the club back and to hit the ball slightly on the upward arc just very, very important ball position and what club you're going to use.

When you're playing the 7-iron to sand wedge where the ball was in the middle of the stance that creates a much more steep swing and you can see the way going is much steeper that the weight tends to be a bit more on the left hand side so that in turn will increase you to hit down and hit a divot. So basically the ball position and the club selection will determine whether or not you're going to sweep that club or whether you're going to come in or hit a divot.