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So if you have checked your ball position and you are comfortable with the ball position is in the right place for that designated club but you are still noticing the ball flying too high, the next thing to go ahead and investigate is are your hands in the right position in relation to the ball at impact. So as previously described, we would like to see the hands very slightly ahead of the golf ball at impact, but if you got a good ball position but then you got an early release, so a little bit of an early down concave and down flick this way, the right wrist releasing underneath the left wrist for the right-handed golfer that promotes a position that impacts where your hands are going to be slightly behind the golf ball and that's going to scoop the ball up into the air.

So again remember we are not necessarily trying to hit the ball with the club perfectly straight up without it to promote the slight hands ahead feeling, almost a little punching feeling. So if you got a little bit of a scoopy flick, try to sort of hit shots where you are focusing more on what your left hand or your front hand is doing, less so than what your back hand is doing. So for a right-handed golfer, it can seem quite natural to hit the ball with the right hand early and scoop it up into the air, and that’s really the wrong thing, we would like to promote much more of a left hand leading approach, turning your body weight to your left hand side, feel like you are delofting the golf club very, very aggressively and see if you can bring your ball slight down a little bit like that.

So the ball should be hit by the handle, being 3 or 4 degrees in front of the golf ball. If it’s a few degrees behind the golf ball, too much right hand, too much scooping, too much height on your iron shots, see if you can work on that left hand leading approach to get the ball flight down a little bit more.