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The backswing is one of the most important aspects of the golf technique as it gets you set up to deliver the club successfully down into the point of impact. And one thing you need to be looking at within the backswing is how far the backswing length should be. Now in an absolutely perfect ideal world what should be happening with the backswing is the club is pushed away from the ball, the arms are extending away – club head is pushing away from the ball like this so you have a lot of width in this backswing. Now from here the writs are hinging upwards or a little bit soon if you prefer an early set and then the shoulders turn nice and fully underneath the chin whilst keeping the lower half nice and stable.

Now you can see here that my shoulders have rotated 190?, my left shoulder is underneath my chin and I’ve maintained the same height, I’m not lifted up and out of the shot. Now from here I’m going to be able to generate a sufficient amount of power moving down into the ball and because my body hasn’t moved around too much I’m able to keep a very stable position at the top of the swing. In an absolutely ideal world the main facets that you could break it down into is a shoulder turn which pushes the centre of the back away from the target so its pointing straight down towards it. The left shoulder turning down and underneath the chin and that left arm becoming nice and high if you can get I straight up at the sky then lovely but just pointing up and away from the ball.

Now if you can get those three things then that’s going to be pushing your back swing to the ideal length, therefore a lot of people it’s not quite that simple and that’s what we’re going to be looking at. It’s how you can find the best backswing length for you and how you can practice this very important part of the golf technique.