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How far back should I play my golf lay up? In this swing tip we’re going to have a look at course management and the best way for you to approach golf holes to score really efficiently and take a low number of shots on by looking at how far back you should leave your lay up shot. The answer to this question really depends on your strengths as an individual. There won’t be a set distance that suits everyone. So what I suggest you do is go down to the local driving range or your practice ground and hit shots with your different irons. Work out which iron you feel more comfortable with and how far that iron goes. And then when you are out on the golf course what you want to work on is leaving your favorite distance your favorite club that’s shot that you know you can hit most consistently, the majority of the time, a really high percentage of the time, that’s the length that you want to leave.

So when you’re lying up that’s how far you should be leaving the shot. So for example if I really like hitting my pitching wedge, and I know that I hit my pitching wedge, about 100 yards or 110 yards, then if I’m on a hole where I’m playing a layup short, I’m going to make sure that I layup to that distance, so I have left myself, I left myself 100 to 110 yards into the flag so I know I can play that club which I hit nine times out ten really, really sweetly really, really well and accurately. So another tip would be, when you’re looking at how far back to leave your layup shot, get yourself a course planner. A yardage book from the pro shop and then have a look at the yardages so that when you are on the hole that requires the lay up, look at the yardage book, look where your favorite distance is on the hole and make sure you leave the ball in that area to leave your favorite distance.

I think common a misconception here would be just to hit the ball as far down the hole as you can and get the ball as close as possible. But if you are leaving the lay up short where you are really not sure on how to hit that yardage, you not playing to your strengths. You want to leave a lay up length that you know you can hit and you know how to it, nine times out of 10. So don’t necessarily get the ball as close as you can to the hole with the layup shot, leave your favorite distance to let you hit your favorite golf club in. And that should get you hitting far less shots around the green and you will see your scores drop.