Bridgestone E5 Top Ball Review
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    The Bridgestone E5 is built and designed for promoting total control and a higher flight, longer carry and added distance, due to its two piece construction and its high-spinning tour-caliber cover. There's also a newly designed WEB Dimple technology added into the mix, for enhancing the surface coverage thus improving ball flight, ergo improving distance. One of the most notable features of the new Bridgestone E5 golf ball is its state of the art Dimple Technology, an amazing innovation which manages to increase surface coverage by more than ten percent, enhancing flight performance and distance. The Bridgestone E5 also comes with a large gradational core and a Tour caliber urethane cover, offering a soft, good grip and tons of spin.

    If the balls used until now got you down, just try the new and improved Bridgestone E5, which is specially engineered and designed for offering you longer carry and more lift than anything you've tried before. If I'd have to describe the Bridgestone E5 in just a few words, the words would be distance and control, together with improved consistency, shot after shot, round after round. Also, you should know that the E5 is the only golf ball on the market that features a 2-piece construction and a urethane coating, making for the best of both worlds, i.e. amazing control thanks to its Tour proven urethane coating and the power of a larger core, in just one product. Bottom line, if you're looking for a great performing golf ball at a decent price, the Bridgestone E5 is the answer.

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