Bridgestone E6 Top Ball Review
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    The Bridgestone E6 is the softest multi-layer golf ball available on the market today and it's built and designed for longer and straighter shots than ever before. Using the E6 will definitely improve your accuracy and your overall game, via the newly designed WEB dimple pattern, which increases surface coverage of the ball, resulting in more distance and improved ball flight, shot after shot, round after round. With the E6, Bridgestone created the perfect golf ball for aspiring players, seeking straighter shots and lower spin. And, using their latest and greatest technologies, they achieved reduced spin, translating into less hooks and slices via the E6's mantle layer, which is built using a three piece design.

    Now, the brand new WEB dimple technology features a 326 Seamless dimple design, which works in tandem with the anti side spin inner layer and the soft gradational core, for limiting air friction, increasing lift and improving overall distance. The WEB Dimple Surface technology works wonders in terms of increasing surface coverage, by more than ten percent, thus enhancing flight performance and distance. It's also worth mentioning the very soft Surlyn cover, which complements the soft core of the Bridgestone E6, providing a sweetened feel on scoring shots. The E6 is available in Optic Orange and Optic Yellow.

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