Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrid Irons Review
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    1. Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrid Irons Review

    These babies come with the latest technological refinements in Adams’s proprietary Velocity Slot tech, namely the high end/revolutionary Cut-Thru design that is aimed at produce a similar CT level to that of a golf driver. The club design suffered continuous refinements in the recent years and since the hybrid technology evolved very fast too, the new Velocity Slots in the sole/crown of these clubs now feature a specially designed channel which runs through the head of the iron from the top to bottom, in order to increase face deflection. I know that these highly technical things are pretty boring for the average golf player, but you must know where the Idea Tech hybrids are coming from. Now, along with the newly designed clubface, these babies are built using a composite material, including an exotic tungsten heel-toe perimeter, focused at offering the perfect center of gravity location and also for boosting forgiveness and providing a higher launch trajectory for the ball. When it comes to playability, the Idea Tech hybrids are able to produce consistent high-ball trajectories which are fairly easy to get airborne. In terms of accuracy and forgiveness, these babies really shine, being top-ranked irons in my view, that type of point and shoot iron, which makes every shot go straight as an arrow. Another cool feature about the Idea Tech irons is their great level of predictability, being stable thorough your swings and also good looking, boosting confidence and solid at ball impact. In conclusion, the Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrids are nicely blended and forgiving irons, being ideal for golf players striving for the perfect (as in straight, high trajectory) shot.

    Srixon Z 565 Golf Irons Review
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    2. Srixon Z 565 Golf Irons Review

    Truth be told, if you’re into clean, traditional look and an impressive appearance, the Srixon Z 565 irons have your name on it, not to mention that at first sight, they’re hard to associate with game improvement gear, not by a long shot. Also, the sound and feel of the Srixon Z 565 irons will make traditional players happy, as they produce a crisp click at ball impact and offer great feedback, especially on mishits. Performance wise, these irons can always go toe to toe with basically any other set of golf gear on the market today. If you want distance, there you have it, as these irons deliver shot after shot with long carry, especially on strong trajectories. Whether you buy the Srixon Z 565 irons for their forgiveness, their beauty or for sheer distance, you’ll definitely not going to make a mistake, as these irons combine the best aspects of game improvement performance with the feel and look of players irons.

    TaylorMade Golf RSI TP IRONS Review
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    3. TaylorMade Golf RSI TP IRONS Review

    The RSI TP irons have great distance and are incredibly forgiving. Being part of the RSi line of irons, the TaylorMade Golf RSI TP feature a state of the art technology I already told you before, i.e. the specially designed face slots. I know, other golf irons in the past had face slots, but this time there’s a difference. If you were not paying enough attention to these clubs, get to know this: TaylorMade put an insert into the RSI TP’s face which has a big role when it comes to forgiveness levels on mishits and also act like a spring at ball impact, increasing the ball speed and automatically contributing to a better, higher trajectory. Truth be told, all these features are what everyone would expect from a TP iron (TP stands for Tour Preferred). It also means that the TaylorMade Golf RSI TP irons are built for professionals and elite amateurs, if I may use these words. To make the RSI TP more playable from tight lies, TaylorMade designed these irons with less offset, a thinner top line and a tad shorter head. The KBS tour shaft matches perfectly with these irons and the added weight (15 grams) in the stiff flex gives the RSI TP great amounts of feel/feedback during your swings. These irons look, feel and sound lovely and they’re absolute winners in my book.

    WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 Irons Review
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    4. WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 Irons Review

    The WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 are player's irons in the first place, and they look very conservative in terms of design. Wilson calls them crossover irons, as they're designed for providing loads of forgiveness. At a first glance, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 irons come with a minimal offset, a compact length (heel to toe) and a top line of medium size. The relatively thin forged face is supported by the Stabilizing Bar (a Wilson proprietary technology) which can be seen at a closer inspection in the cavity. This design feature is aimed at maintaining workability of the iron shot after shot while keeps the face a tad more forgiving. In terms of sound, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 is relatively quiet, but it still lets you know when you've missed the sweet spot. However, if you strike a solid shot, you'll get a soft and pure feeling, as these irons make it very easy for you to control your motion throughout the swing, without putting a lot of pressure on your hands/body during a long golfing session.

    Adams Golf New Idea Hybrid Irons Review
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    5. Adams Golf New Idea Hybrid Irons Review

    In my personal experience, Adams golf really shines when it comes to creating awesome hybrids and with the New Idea, they managed to bring us maybe their easiest to hit piece of golf gear ever made. If you’re swinging it right, you’ll be able to achieve better launch, higher ball speeds and loads of forgiveness with these babies in a beautifully looking package. Because these irons look great too, and that’s a thing that brings loads of confidence, don’t you think? I know that some people regard golf irons as the perfect tool for the job, that kind of thing, but I always appreciate a good design even in the least significant matters, but when it comes to golf gear…well, don’t get me started. Essentially, the New Idea Hybrids feature a new Cut-Thru sole design and the Upside-Down proprietary technology, features which contribute decisively to the aforementioned characteristics of these babies: they’re forgiving, easy to hit and they offer increased ball speeds during your swings, being balanced and accurate and, last but not least, affordable. Retailing for just $700 per set, they’re the bulkiest along the most forgiving/easy to hit hybrids I ever tried, but their sheer size inspires confidence, aesthetically they’re pretty nice looking and being super game improvement irons, it will make you happy even if you’re among the worst golf players on the market. Not just your scores will be greatly improved, but, most importantly, you’ll leave the golf course satisfied and you’ll return to play again!

    TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons Review
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    6. TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons Review

    There are a few reasons for which these babies were built featuring a slot-less face. Fundamentally, the slots on a club’s face are designed for making the iron to behave like it has a larger face than it actually is. In layman’s terms, face slots will provide you with more forgiveness when it comes to smaller iron heads. But the AeroBurner irons are actually pretty ample, as big as a shovel according to some people (that’s a joke folks) so the need for additional/added forgiveness is…futile. Also face slots add to the price and they thicken the face, defeating the initial purpose of creating a lightning fast/affordable iron, hence TaylorMade chose to build a super-fast iron for the masses (affordable, that is). So, if we’re copacetic about the preamble, which is pretty long I admit, you must acknowledge that the AeroBurner is exactly what you’d expect: a super game-improvement iron, a distance iron, with a long blade and a tremendous offset and if you’re that kind of golfer with a large footprint, the AeroBurner will boost confidence in a big way. So, if you’re a TaylorMade golfer looking for a confidence-boosting, forgiving iron built with an emphasis for distance, it’s pretty safe to assume that the AeroBurner irons were built for you.

    Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 Irons Review
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    7. Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 Irons Review

    If you agree with me that the main quality of a good set of irons is(or should be, along with their required high performance levels) their capability of bringing back fun into the game, well, these babies are winners in my book.

    If a man doesn’t take pleasure in his work, well, that work is kind of futile. But don’t worry, that’s not an issue here. Now that we’ve establish that, be aware of the fact that the Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 are designed for golf players who can really strike the ball, they’re like a driver’s car, for players who really have all the shots up their sleeve. The feel factor in these irons is awesome, the flight of the ball is lovely and penetrating and you’re feeling like you’re killing the golf ball with every shot you take. Bottom line, if you’re a pro or aspiring to become one, I mean if you got game, look no further than these beautiful irons, they’re the answer to our prayers (if you’re that kind of blade golf fan). If you have the abilities required, I mean if you can really strike the ball, you can’t find a better deal or a better feeling/looking/fun to play with set of irons out there.

    Cobra Baffler XL Irons Review
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    8. Cobra Baffler XL Irons Review

    To achieve these goals, Cobra’s research and development team engineered an oversized club face that features a big/progressive offset design with the aim at producing a draw biased ball flight, high launch trajectories and loads of forgiveness. The oversized rails and the wide sole of the Baffler XL deliver a buttery smooth turf interaction by reducing turf drag and delivers longer/higher distance from any type of lie. These babies provide you with lift without effort, a repeatable/high flight, smooth consistency, accuracy/distance control and a muted impact feel. I must declare that I’m impressed with these game improvement irons, which are among the best on the market in their niche and they’re worth trying if you’re looking for solid all-round performance at an affordable price.

    Mizuno JPX FLI-HI Irons Review
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    9. Mizuno JPX FLI-HI Irons Review

    These are not regular hybrids, these are Hi-Fli’s, as they’re not designed to hit the ball precisely 250 yards, but they’re fine-tuned tools, aimed at helping their owner to hit with pin point accuracy at the right distance. That’s what Hi-Fli’s are all about, to help you hit the same distance with loads of consistency and forgiveness, effortlessly, time after time, more often than you’re accustomed using regular irons. To achieve this seemingly impossible goal, Mizuno used a drop crown shape, moved the center of gravity lower and deeper and the end result of these design tweaks is a high launching shot which actually manages to land on a controlled, steep angle. And yes, that’s an awesome achievement, thanks in no small part to the CORTECH face which comes with Mizuno’s proprietary Hot Metal technology. This mumbo-jumbo basically means that the Hi-Fli irons are built using a multi-thickness design in the club face which provides lightning fast ball speeds across the face. There’s also a novelty in the Speed Bevel Sole design, focused at helping with reducing the turf drag at ball impact and creating maximum head speed. If you’re looking for consistency, high distance and decent amounts of forgiveness, these babies come highly recommended by yours truly.

    Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons Review
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    10. Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons Review

    The Fly-Z XL are retailing for only $500 in the steel version and $700 the graphite ones. These traditionally designed oversized irons feature Cobra’s proprietary technology, namely the Speed Face Channel which is aimed at increasing ball speeds and in the same time, to produce a more pleasant sound upon ball impact. The Fly-Z XL have a traditional muffled sound at ball impact, despite their thin face; also, the thinner club face (compared to its competition) of the Fly-Z XL adds to the explosive feel at ball impact and offers loads of forgiveness in the process, regardless where you hit the ball across the face. These babies are engineered to produce lightning fast ball speeds, higher launch trajectories and increased distance while being fairly easy to control. Bottom line, Cobra did an awesome job with the Fly-Z XL, creating a truly adequate game improving iron at a decent price tag, which allows high handicap players to learn/improve their golf game whilst having fun in the process.