The WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 is the living proof that a lot of things can happen in a decade. If I sound cryptic, you should remember how badly the company was doing back in 2016, it was practically on life support. Things changed for the better and now Wilson is doing great, especially with the launching of the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5, which are absolutely great irons with tons of performance, which have the potential to improve the game of any player.

    Long story short, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 are player's irons in the first place, and they look very conservative in terms of design. Wilson calls them crossover irons, as they're designed for providing loads of forgiveness. At a first glance, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 irons come with a minimal offset, a compact length (heel to toe) and a top line of medium size. The relatively thin forged face is supported by the Stabilizing Bar (a Wilson proprietary technology) which can be seen at a closer inspection in the cavity. This design feature is aimed at maintaining workability of the iron shot after shot while keeps the face a tad more forgiving. In terms of sound, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 is relatively quiet, but it still lets you know when you've missed the sweet spot. However, if you strike a solid shot, you'll get a soft and pure feeling, as these irons make it very easy for you to control your motion throughout the swing, without putting a lot of pressure on your hands/body during a long golfing session.

    Performance wise, the WILSON STAFF FG TOUR F5 is an interesting piece of golf gear, that kind of “chill out” iron, being incredibly easy to hit well, thus a true confidence builder. The ball shoots off like a rocket, with a piercing-strong ball flight, nice distance and tight dispersion. In layman's terms, that translates into consistency and predictability, which are crucial for a high-end set of irons. If you're out there looking for a set of great irons, these may be it, just let them out of the bag for a test drive.