TaylorMade Golf RSI TP IRONS Review
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    The TaylorMade Golf RSI TP are a bunch of awesome forged irons which are aimed at the “better player” category. Forged irons means that they have that clean and beautiful forged look and they’re built basically for enhanced levels of control and feel. What makes the TaylorMade Golf RSI TP different from their siblings (the RSi-1 and RSi-2) are the face slots which are a tad smaller, for giving the player more confidence during the swings.

    And as soon as I used these babies on the golf course, I was quite impressed by TaylorMade’s achievements. The RSI TP irons have great distance and are incredibly forgiving. Being part of the RSi line of irons, the TaylorMade Golf RSI TP feature a state of the art technology I already told you before, i.e. the specially designed face slots. I know, other golf irons in the past had face slots, but this time there’s a difference. If you were not paying enough attention to these clubs, get to know this: TaylorMade put an insert into the RSI TP’s face which has a big role when it comes to forgiveness levels on mishits and also act like a spring at ball impact, increasing the ball speed and automatically contributing to a better, higher trajectory. Truth be told, all these features are what everyone would expect from a TP iron (TP stands for Tour Preferred). It also means that the TaylorMade Golf RSI TP irons are built for professionals and elite amateurs, if I may use these words. To make the RSI TP more playable from tight lies, TaylorMade designed these irons with less offset, a thinner top line and a tad shorter head. The KBS tour shaft matches perfectly with these irons and the added weight (15 grams) in the stiff flex gives the RSI TP great amounts of feel/feedback during your swings. These irons look, feel and sound lovely and they’re absolute winners in my book.