Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 Irons Review

    The Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 are probably the sexiest irons in existence, at least from what I’ve seen until the present day. And believe me folks, I’ve seen them all, or arguably, most of them. Now, the question is: will beauty match the performance required from these babies, because there are some pretty big shoes to fill out there? Well, I took the Staff FG Tour 100 for a spin, or a test drive, or whatever you want to call it and the answer is definitely yes. Now, since we’ve already establish that these irons look awesome from any angle (some would say stunning), with their black/gold finish and the nicely designed off toe, let’ see how they feel in real life, I mean on the golf course. If you agree with me that the main quality of a good set of irons is(or should be, along with their required high performance levels) their capability of bringing back fun into the game, well, these babies are winners in my book.

    If a man doesn’t take pleasure in his work, well, that work is kind of futile. But don’t worry, that’s not an issue here. Now that we’ve establish that, be aware of the fact that the Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 are designed for golf players who can really strike the ball, they’re like a driver’s car, for players who really have all the shots up their sleeve. The feel factor in these irons is awesome, the flight of the ball is lovely and penetrating and you’re feeling like you’re killing the golf ball with every shot you take. Bottom line, if you’re a pro or aspiring to become one, I mean if you got game, look no further than these beautiful irons, they’re the answer to our prayers (if you’re that kind of blade golf fan). If you have the abilities required, I mean if you can really strike the ball, you can’t find a better deal or a better feeling/looking/fun to play with set of irons out there.