Mizuno JPX FLI-HI Irons Review

    The Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi is basically a redesigned version of the old (2011 old and even beyond) long iron replacement and it’s aimed at offering steep landing angles and an easy launch; at least that’s what Mizuno’s marketing says and I am inclined to believe them, because I used a bunch of clubs from their paraphernalia and all of them (or most of them) were on the level. Now, taking a look at the actual generation of the JPX Fli-Hi, you’ll first notice the striking face forward profile which is aimed at allowing the leading edge of the golf club to, how should I put it…glide under the golf ball, thus increasing/enhancing contact and providing an easier ball trajectory/flight or whatever you want to call it. As Bill Price (the Custom Fitting Manager of Mizuno) puts it, these are not regular hybrids, these are Hi-Fli’s, as they’re not designed to hit the ball precisely 250 yards, but they’re fine-tuned tools, aimed at helping their owner to hit with pin point accuracy at the right distance.

    That’s what Hi-Fli’s are all about, to help you hit the same distance with loads of consistency and forgiveness, effortlessly, time after time, more often than you’re accustomed using regular irons. To achieve this seemingly impossible goal, Mizuno used a drop crown shape, moved the center of gravity lower and deeper and the end result of these design tweaks is a high launching shot which actually manages to land on a controlled, steep angle. And yes, that’s an awesome achievement, thanks in no small part to the CORTECH face which comes with Mizuno’s proprietary Hot Metal technology. This mumbo-jumbo basically means that the Hi-Fli irons are built using a multi-thickness design in the club face which provides lightning fast ball speeds across the face. There’s also a novelty in the Speed Bevel Sole design, focused at helping with reducing the turf drag at ball impact and creating maximum head speed. If you’re looking for consistency, high distance and decent amounts of forgiveness, these babies come highly recommended by yours truly.