TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons Review
    © Taylormade Golf

    The TaylorMade AeroBurner irons are ridiculously fast, truth be told, and that’s the main reason for the “AeroBurner” denomination. The company designed these irons with an emphasis on high peak trajectory and high launch;but, unlike other competitors, kept the priced low. So, these irons are the consumer friendly version of, let’s say PING’s G30 if you like, as they retail for only $699. You can describe the TaylorMade AeroBurner as “affordable speed” irons if you like, and that’s pretty cool, don’t you think? Unlike other irons from the RSi line, the AeroBurner are designed without TaylorMade’s well-known face slots; rest assured, this is not a matter of cutting costs, pretty far from it.

    There are a few reasons for which these babies were built featuring a slot-less face. Fundamentally, the slots on a club’s face are designed for making the iron to behave like it has a larger face than it actually is. In layman’s terms, face slots will provide you with more forgiveness when it comes to smaller iron heads. But the AeroBurner irons are actually pretty ample, as big as a shovel according to some people (that’s a joke folks) so the need for additional/added forgiveness is…futile. Also face slots add to the price and they thicken the face, defeating the initial purpose of creating a lightning fast/affordable iron, hence TaylorMade chose to build a super-fast iron for the masses (affordable, that is). So, if we’re copacetic about the preamble, which is pretty long I admit, you must acknowledge that the AeroBurner is exactly what you’d expect: a super game-improvement iron, a distance iron, with a long blade and a tremendous offset and if you’re that kind of golfer with a large footprint, the AeroBurner will boost confidence in a big way. So, if you’re a TaylorMade golfer looking for a confidence-boosting, forgiving iron built with an emphasis for distance, it’s pretty safe to assume that the AeroBurner irons were built for you.