Adams Golf New Idea Hybrid Irons Review

    The Adams New Idea Hybrid irons are built to be that kind of super game improvement irons and after testing them a little bit on the golf course, I arrived at the same conclusion. Indeed, these irons are really helpful especially for mid to high handicap golf players, being the quintessential game improving irons that can be bought without breaking the piggy bank. And sometimes, that’s all there is to it, I mean if you’re not Tiger Woods, why would you pay Tiger Woods prices for highly specialized golf gear? In my personal experience, Adams golf really shines when it comes to creating awesome hybrids and with the New Idea, they managed to bring us maybe their easiest to hit piece of golf gear ever made. If you’re swinging it right, you’ll be able to achieve better launch, higher ball speeds and loads of forgiveness with these babies in a beautifully looking package. Because these irons look great too, and that’s a thing that brings loads of confidence, don’t you think?

    I know that some people regard golf irons as the perfect tool for the job, that kind of thing, but I always appreciate a good design even in the least significant matters, but when it comes to golf gear…well, don’t get me started. Essentially, the New Idea Hybrids feature a new Cut-Thru sole design and the Upside-Down proprietary technology, features which contribute decisively to the aforementioned characteristics of these babies: they’re forgiving, easy to hit and they offer increased ball speeds during your swings, being balanced and accurate and, last but not least, affordable. Retailing for just $700 per set, they’re the bulkiest along the most forgiving/easy to hit hybrids I ever tried, but their sheer size inspires confidence, aesthetically they’re pretty nice looking and being super game improvement irons, it will make you happy even if you’re among the worst golf players on the market. Not just your scores will be greatly improved, but, most importantly, you’ll leave the golf course satisfied and you’ll return to play again!