Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrid Irons Review

    The Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrids fall into the category of max game improvement irons and they retail for $800 the steel version and $900 in the graphite. I can safely state that with the Idea Tech Hybrid, the engineering department at Adams Golf made a huge leap forward in creating a high performance hybrid iron, which is fairly easy to hit, being able to satisfy a wide range of players. These babies come with the latest technological refinements in Adams’s proprietary Velocity Slot tech, namely the high end/revolutionary Cut-Thru design that is aimed at produce a similar CT level to that of a golf driver. The club design suffered continuous refinements in the recent years and since the hybrid technology evolved very fast too, the new Velocity Slots in the sole/crown of these clubs now feature a specially designed channel which runs through the head of the iron from the top to bottom, in order to increase face deflection. I know that these highly technical things are pretty boring for the average golf player, but you must know where the Idea Tech hybrids are coming from. Now, along with the newly designed clubface, these babies are built using a composite material, including an exotic tungsten heel-toe perimeter, focused at offering the perfect center of gravity location and also for boosting forgiveness and providing a higher launch trajectory for the ball.

    When it comes to playability, the Idea Tech hybrids are able to produce consistent high-ball trajectories which are fairly easy to get airborne. In terms of accuracy and forgiveness, these babies really shine, being top-ranked irons in my view, that type of point and shoot iron, which makes every shot go straight as an arrow. Another cool feature about the Idea Tech irons is their great level of predictability, being stable thorough your swings and also good looking, boosting confidence and solid at ball impact. In conclusion, the Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrids are nicely blended and forgiving irons, being ideal for golf players striving for the perfect (as in straight, high trajectory) shot.