Cobra Baffler XL Irons Review

    The Cobra Baffler XL fall into the category of Max Game Improvement Irons and they retail for just $399 the steel version (now on sale!) and $699 for the graphite. These cool looking irons were designed with the clear intention of making your life (as a golf player, obviously) way more manageable, offering loads of forgiveness and maximum game improvement at a very decent price tag.

    To achieve these goals, Cobra’s research and development team engineered an oversized club face that features a big/progressive offset design with the aim at producing a draw biased ball flight, high launch trajectories and loads of forgiveness. The oversized rails and the wide sole of the Baffler XL deliver a buttery smooth turf interaction by reducing turf drag and delivers longer/higher distance from any type of lie. These babies provide you with lift without effort, a repeatable/high flight, smooth consistency, accuracy/distance control and a muted impact feel. I must declare that I’m impressed with these game improvement irons, which are among the best on the market in their niche and they’re worth trying if you’re looking for solid all-round performance at an affordable price.