GPS Top 10 Golf Reviews

    Bushnell Hybrid LASER/GPS Golf Rangefinder Review

    1. Bushnell Hybrid LASER/GPS Golf Rangefinder Review

    The GPS unit itself is very similar to the one you can find in the Neo+ and that’s pretty cool, featuring the same legible display and easy to use buttons, being fairly intuitive and easy to use. The Bushnell Hybrid features a cool case (it has zippered/magnetic closures) which can be easily clipped to your golf bag. Maybe the best thing about this piece of gear is that the GPS and the LASER perform just as well as their “regular” counterparts. Both work exactly as expected, the Hybrid being packed with Bushnell’s Pinseeker proprietary technology. Every feature imaginable is here: the Hybrid is accurate to 1 yard, it ranges 5-1000 yards, 350+ yards to a flag, comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses from all around the world and it doesn’t require additional downloads/fees/memberships etc.; also, the Hybrid comes with the auto-hole/auto-course recognition gizmo, it measures the distance to front/center/back of green and so on and so forth, making it a true game changer and highly recommended for any golf enthusiast.

    SkyCaddie Breeze Golf GPS Rangefinder Review

    2. SkyCaddie Breeze Golf GPS Rangefinder Review

    In terms of accuracy, this is one of the best devices I’ve ever used on a golf course (far superior to a phone GPS for example) and if accuracy matters to you, paying for a yearly membership is a good investment in my opinion. Along with its outstanding accuracy, the Breeze is very fast when it comes to crunching numbers and distances, it automatically detects your location/golf course you’re playing on , it has a good autonomy and comes preloaded with 30,000 course maps, including 50 turfs fully featured (you must download those). The Breeze will also help you with keeping scores, statistics and its usage is very intuitive/straightforward, being a breeze to use. Keep in mind that right out of the box (it retails for about $229), the Breeze offers basic GPS rangefinder functionality for the average golfer, but once upgraded (there are 3 performance upgrades for $35 each) it becomes a real beast!

    Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

    3. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

    When the rangefinder is pretty sure that it has locked in on a flag stick, it will vibrate, i.e. it lets you know with a “jolt” which is basically a tactile feedback, hence the Jolt name. The display will give you all the essential information by feeding it onto the main screen in a glowing red color which is very easy to read and understand. The focus is fully adjustable and the viewfinder is able to provide you with up to 6x magnification, helping you with finding the flag/other items you’re shooting, making them fairly easy to observe. The device is covered in a tough rubber coating and the case/housing looks very nice and solid, being also waterproofed. This spells “awesome” if you’re playing in Florida or Scotland, doesn’t it? Due to its relatively small footprint, the Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt fits easily in any pocket or it can be clipped onto your golf bag, being light and far from cumbersome. Overall, this is a solid rangefinder, as good as it gets actually, and I particularly dig the tactile feedback, its awesome red screen and its waterproofness; the only thing that can perform better than this baby is a Scottish caddie.

    Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

    4. Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

    Basically, the Precision Pro Nexus Laser rangefinder is the optimum solution for golfers seeking for supreme accuracy and precise distance to hazards/flags without breaking the piggy bank. Another great thing about the Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder is the fact that it represents the most advanced laser finder in the golf industry under 200 bucks. I mean, you can spend more and get less or the same, in terms of bells and whistles, from its direct competitors, and that's a great achievement for the company. In terms of tech specs, the Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder has a 400 yards range and it's accurate +/- 1 yard with a 1/10 th yard measurements, it comes with a state of the art target-lock feature, 6x magnification, 1 year warranty and, last but not least, it's Tournament legal. The design is very sleek and the outer casing is coated in a soft material which makes it very…how should I put it, it looks like the real deal folks. Besides being very small and weighing next to nothing, the Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder only has 2 buttons, making using it a child's play and marking decisively in the approachability department. Ease of use is one of its greatest features, together with getting the exact yardage with just a press of a button! If you're not a tech savvy person and you feel intimidated by levers and buttons, the Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder is a match made in heaven and I bet you'll not be able to find a similar range finder in this price bracket!

    Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder Review

    5. Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder Review

    The Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder is designed to be very easy to operate, i.e. you insert the battery, and just push a button for distance, that's about all there is to know about it. The way you use it though is very different from what you're probably accustomed with. Unlike other laser range-finders, the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser is designed to be used very close from your eye. Besides this peculiarity, in terms of accuracy and performance, this device is every bit as accurate as you'd expect from a state of the art Callaway product, i.e. plus/minus one yard, and locking onto flags/objects/whatever in both standard and prism mode is very intuitive and easy. The big benefits of the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder are clearly its weight and ridiculously small size, which makes it hugely versatile on the turf. The price is also attractive, right in the mid-range of laser range-finders, and considering the fact that the power-pack offers an extra battery, a carrying case, a divot tool and sleeve of Chrome Soft golf balls, the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder offers solid value for your money.

    SkyCaddie Mobile Golf GPS App Review

    6. SkyCaddie Mobile Golf GPS App Review

    The app is also available in a premium version, which requires a $29.95 fee/year or is free if you already own a dedicated SkyCaddie and wish to complete the experience. The premium membership adds some useful goodies to the package, such as Detailed Green Information (which displays the precise shape of the green and distances from the front, center and back), Measure Any Shot, for measuring how far you hit each club, Auto Hole Advance, for automatically advancing to the next hole and required distance, Interactive HoleVue, that offers an overview of the hole, along with the required ranges from tee to green, SkyGolf 360 Premium Membership, which enables you to store your scores and stats on the cloud, share info with the SkyGolf 360 Community, use Advanced Stats, reports and chats and more.

    The SkyCaddie mobile app offers a neat and intuitive user interface that runs smooth and is user-friendly, so you’ll get accustomed to it in no time. Also worth noting is that it’s compatible to Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher on an iPhone 5 or above.

    Bushnell NEO Ghost Golf GPS Review

    7. Bushnell NEO Ghost Golf GPS Review

    If you’re a professional golf player, you’ll love its autonomy, as the Bushnell NEO XS will last you for at least 3 rounds before charging is required. The smart design allows you to wear it anywhere-anytime (including on your belt or on your bag), thanks to its multifunctional clip that can be attached virtually on anything. One of the most impressive things about the NEO Ghost is that Bushnell managed to pack it full of features, despite its small/lightweight appearance. The device is capable of providing you with the critical info about the distances in real time, while offering you the reliability and convenience you’re expecting from a dedicated golf/GPS piece of gear. The Bushnell NEO XS is available in 4 colors: black, neon green, charcoal and white. I can describe this baby as the no-nonsense GPS rangefinder, featuring a very to use interface, no frills and highly accurate on almost any turf on the planet. My favorite feature is the auto hole recognition system; that means you’ll waste no time as you move around the turf. Bottom line, if you want a small, light and high quality GPS rangefinder, this is the “droid you were looking for”.

    SkyGolf GameTracker Shot Tracking System Review

    8. SkyGolf GameTracker Shot Tracking System Review

    The GT1 sensor is basically a solid and accurate GPS which uses the company’s proprietary TrueGround course maps. When I say “solid”, I really mean it, as the device is made from a tough plastic which is resistant to impact and features an IPX6 certification for being water resistant too. The gadget also features Bluetooth LE (low-energy) and its re-chargeable battery will keep it alive and (you) kicking for about 12 hours.

    The SmartTags that I was talking about earlier get attached to each club’s end grip and serve for identifying your clubs and monitoring the shots taken with them. The featherweight tags don’t require charging.

    Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder Review

    9. Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder Review

    The key feature incorporated into its built is the PinSeeker with Jolt technology. How does that work? Well, the Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder is really wonderful when it comes to confirming you that the laser sensor has locked onto the flag, and it does that via a tactile confirmation in the form of a vibrating pulse, removing all doubt and boosting confidence levels. Basically, you'll be able to feel the exact distance, and that's an absolutely amazing technology that works wonders for improving your game, regardless of your skill levels. The brand new Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder represents a tremendous improvement compared to the previous generations and it can be described as a premier laser range-finder, one of the best in the golf industry in 2016.The Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder is thirty percent smaller than the old V3, and it has a fast focus system, being highly accurate, to within 1 yard. There's also a premium carry case included in the package, for fashion conscious golfers, together with a complementary 3 volt battery.

    Izzo Swami Sport GPS Review

    10. Izzo Swami Sport GPS Review

    One of the most important selling points for the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is its ease of use/ergonomics and the very intuitive interface. The device comes preloaded with over thirty thousand international golf courses, so all you have to do it to power it on and push a button. It doesn't get any easier than that, right? It takes for 60 seconds for the Izzo Swami Sport GPS to get the GPS signal and then you can select your golf course from the list and you're ready to go. You'll never have to download courses and sync with your laptop or to pay pesky annual fees, it's all lock, stock and barrel with the Izzo Swami Sport GPS. The readings using this baby are consistently accurate and the GPS performs rather well given its small size. The display is large enough and it's legible even when it's clipped on your golf cart, i.e. from a distance. Lastly, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is very rugged and water resistant, this being maybe the most important advantage over a smart-phone : you just toss it around and let it do its thing regardless of the weather conditions, unlike a $500 smart-phone that requires babying around and what not. Bottom line, if you're looking for good value for your money and basic/reliable GPS data on the turf, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is a very solid option.