Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder Review

    The Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder retails for $299 (MSRP) and it makes for the perfect combo of speed, size, accuracy and the patented JOLT technology, together with Bushnell's excellent workmanship and high end features. This state of the art laser range-finder features PinSeeker with JOLT technology, it can measure ranges from 5 to 5000 yards, including 400+ yards to a flag, it comes with optical 5x magnification and a lightning fast focus system, and it's designed to be very ergonomic, due to its Stabi Grip technology, together with the Posi Thread battery door for a quick battery exchange in case you're running out of juice during your game. Also, this high end laser range-finder is water resistant, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy its powers regardless the weather conditions and it comes with the industry-leading two years warranty.

    The key feature incorporated into its built is the PinSeeker with Jolt technology. How does that work? Well, the Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder is really wonderful when it comes to confirming you that the laser sensor has locked onto the flag, and it does that via a tactile confirmation in the form of a vibrating pulse, removing all doubt and boosting confidence levels. Basically, you'll be able to feel the exact distance, and that's an absolutely amazing technology that works wonders for improving your game, regardless of your skill levels. The brand new Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder represents a tremendous improvement compared to the previous generations and it can be described as a premier laser range-finder, one of the best in the golf industry in 2016.The Bushnell Tour-V4 Laser-Rangefinder is thirty percent smaller than the old V3, and it has a fast focus system, being highly accurate, to within 1 yard. There's also a premium carry case included in the package, for fashion conscious golfers, together with a complementary 3 volt battery.