SkyCaddie Breeze Golf GPS Rangefinder Review

    The SkyCaddie Breeze is a very interesting piece of golf gear built inside the paradigm “keep it simple stupid”. If you’re wondering what I’m blathering about, well, let me put it that way: how many “fancy” functions/settings on your car stereo are you actually using? You do realize that you were paying for them to begin with but you’re not actually using them, so you wasted lots of dollars, right? The SkyCaddie Breeze is light as a breeze out of the box, meaning that it’s not stuffed with fancy mumbo-jumbo features that you don’t necessarily require if you’re not Tiger Woods. Basically, SkyCaddie eliminated the highly-advanced features and preloaded the gizmo with just really useful things, thus keeping the price low. The beauty of this rangefinder, when compared to other low-cost options on the market is that it’s minimally featured right out of the box but if you require additional options, they’re available anytime as an (paid) upgrade. You’ll pay for what you want/need and nothing else. This sounds pretty cool in my book. Design-wise, the Breeze is about my iPhone’s size, it doesn’t feel bulky, it’s made of grippy plastic and features a large high definition color screen.

    In terms of accuracy, this is one of the best devices I’ve ever used on a golf course (far superior to a phone GPS for example) and if accuracy matters to you, paying for a yearly membership is a good investment in my opinion. Along with its outstanding accuracy, the Breeze is very fast when it comes to crunching numbers and distances, it automatically detects your location/golf course you’re playing on , it has a good autonomy and comes preloaded with 30,000 course maps, including 50 turfs fully featured (you must download those). The Breeze will also help you with keeping scores, statistics and its usage is very intuitive/straightforward, being a breeze to use. Keep in mind that right out of the box (it retails for about $229), the Breeze offers basic GPS rangefinder functionality for the average golfer, but once upgraded (there are 3 performance upgrades for $35 each) it becomes a real beast!