SkyGolf GameTracker Shot Tracking System Review

    With the GameTracker system, SkyGolf have prepared for golfers a rich package of features and services, combined for providing their customers with a great golfing experience. The package consists in a GT1 GPS RFID wearable sensor, 15 SmartTags for your clubs, the SkyCaddie Mobile application which pairs with your iOS/Android smartphone, 1 year of Premium SkyGolf 360 membership, a belt clip and a microUSB cable for recharging your device.

    Now, let’s find out more details about the contents. The GT1 sensor is basically a solid and accurate GPS which uses the company’s proprietary TrueGround course maps. When I say “solid”, I really mean it, as the device is made from a tough plastic which is resistant to impact and features an IPX6 certification for being water resistant too. The gadget also features Bluetooth LE (low-energy) and its re-chargeable battery will keep it alive and (you) kicking for about 12 hours.

    The SmartTags that I was talking about earlier get attached to each club’s end grip and serve for identifying your clubs and monitoring the shots taken with them. The featherweight tags don’t require charging.

    A very important part in this combo is played by the SkyCaddie Mobile application, which integrates with your Game Tracker and serves as a rangefinder, bringing you support for scorecards, statistics, information regarding the shape of the green and distances from the course, it offers a HD overview of the hole and much more. The whole package of features brought by the app is available through a premium membership, which is provided free for a year after acquiring your Game Tracker. The app is available for iOS 7.0 or higher on an iPhone 5 and above, but will also come for Android smartphones starting with June 2015.