Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder Review
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    The Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder retails for $299,99 (MSRP) and it's built and designed for delivering the benefits of both prism and laser technologies in just one ultra-compact and super light state of the art device. Basically, the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder combines the best technologies in the golf industry for delivering you unparalleled precision on the golf course, at a very reasonable price, being a great choice for golf players who enjoy walking. Now, laser range-finders have been around for quite a while, and seasoned golfers are definitely remembering that in the past, these babies were anything but pocketable. The new Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder takes the convenience and pocketability at a whole new level, being just a little over one inch in width and approximately 3.5”x 2.5”, playing in the “micro” category. Now, the question is, can this micro laser range-finder do a proper job, compared to its bigger siblings? Well, the answer is definitely yes.

    The Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder is designed to be very easy to operate, i.e. you insert the battery, and just push a button for distance, that's about all there is to know about it. The way you use it though is very different from what you're probably accustomed with. Unlike other laser range-finders, the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser is designed to be used very close from your eye. Besides this peculiarity, in terms of accuracy and performance, this device is every bit as accurate as you'd expect from a state of the art Callaway product, i.e. plus/minus one yard, and locking onto flags/objects/whatever in both standard and prism mode is very intuitive and easy. The big benefits of the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder are clearly its weight and ridiculously small size, which makes it hugely versatile on the turf. The price is also attractive, right in the mid-range of laser range-finders, and considering the fact that the power-pack offers an extra battery, a carrying case, a divot tool and sleeve of Chrome Soft golf balls, the Callaway Micro Prism-Laser Rangefinder offers solid value for your money.