Bushnell Hybrid LASER/GPS Golf Rangefinder Review

    The Hybrid LASER/GPS rangefinder from Bushnell can be described as the best of both worlds, combining GPS functionality and convenience with a highly accurate laser rangefinder. Basically, with this piece of gear, you’ll get “two for the price of one”, and the (hefty) price tag kind of reflects this theory. Retailing for $499, the Hybrid is one of the most expensive GPS devices on the market, but truth be told, this is a nice and interesting concept. Due to its smart design, the Hybrid LASER/GPS rangefinder is by no means a bulky device, but it’s in the nature of things that a unit which combines the internals of a GPS and a laser together will end up being a tad bigger than any of these two. So, even if the Hybrid is larger than either one of the two products, it’s compact enough to be easy to carry around and its sheer size is by no means a deal breaker. Featuring a silver/black color way, this baby screams business, looking classy and professional. The protruding GPS of the Hybrid on the left side makes it a bit wider than a dedicated GPS/Laser but without making it bulky/cumbersome.

    The GPS unit itself is very similar to the one you can find in the Neo+ and that’s pretty cool, featuring the same legible display and easy to use buttons, being fairly intuitive and easy to use. The Bushnell Hybrid features a cool case (it has zippered/magnetic closures) which can be easily clipped to your golf bag. Maybe the best thing about this piece of gear is that the GPS and the LASER perform just as well as their “regular” counterparts. Both work exactly as expected, the Hybrid being packed with Bushnell’s Pinseeker proprietary technology. Every feature imaginable is here: the Hybrid is accurate to 1 yard, it ranges 5-1000 yards, 350+ yards to a flag, comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses from all around the world and it doesn’t require additional downloads/fees/memberships etc.; also, the Hybrid comes with the auto-hole/auto-course recognition gizmo, it measures the distance to front/center/back of green and so on and so forth, making it a true game changer and highly recommended for any golf enthusiast.