Izzo Swami Sport GPS Review

    The Izzo Swami Sport GPS retails for $79,99 (MRSP) and it delivers loads of lightning fast and accurate performance in a compact form-factor. The very slim and ergonomic profile of the Izzo Swami Sport GPS makes it ideal for players who enjoy walking on the golf course, due to its slim design which makes it easily pocketable. Also, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS can be attached to your golf cart/golf bag using the carabineer included in the package, making for the perfect sidekick to have it around during your favorite game. To describe it in just a few words, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is a budget friendly, durable and easy to use GPS device. Today, smart-phones are as common as bubble gum, but before that, GPS units were all the rage and some of the hottest accessories in any golf player's paraphernalia. Now, with the prevalence of smart-phones which offer free GPS, the market for stand alone golf GPS devices had shrunk significantly; but if you're that kind of player who hates carrying the phone on the golf course, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is an excellent choice.

    One of the most important selling points for the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is its ease of use/ergonomics and the very intuitive interface. The device comes preloaded with over thirty thousand international golf courses, so all you have to do it to power it on and push a button. It doesn't get any easier than that, right? It takes for 60 seconds for the Izzo Swami Sport GPS to get the GPS signal and then you can select your golf course from the list and you're ready to go. You'll never have to download courses and sync with your laptop or to pay pesky annual fees, it's all lock, stock and barrel with the Izzo Swami Sport GPS. The readings using this baby are consistently accurate and the GPS performs rather well given its small size. The display is large enough and it's legible even when it's clipped on your golf cart, i.e. from a distance. Lastly, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is very rugged and water resistant, this being maybe the most important advantage over a smart-phone : you just toss it around and let it do its thing regardless of the weather conditions, unlike a $500 smart-phone that requires babying around and what not. Bottom line, if you're looking for good value for your money and basic/reliable GPS data on the turf, the Izzo Swami Sport GPS is a very solid option.